Meet the Geeks

Meet the Wayward Geeks!

I’m a professional truck driver who enjoys all things crafty. A budding artist, working mostly with canvas/acrylics, I’m an avid sports fan and am very interested in sports inspired gifts, jewelry and decor.

I’m also very economical and enjoy finding ways to make things we need just a ‘lil more enjoyable through art.  I’m happy to try new things and work with customers to make sure you are getting just what you want or need.

Fandoms are my forte!

Hey Geeksters,
my name is Claudia and I am the owner of Sew-Geek. 7 years ago I had started a geeky baby business with a partner. Well, that person and I had a fallout. So after a couple of months, my sister kicked me in the booty and said, I could do it on my own. SewGeekAustin was born. The reason it was Austin, was at the time we lived there. I started making a lot of Supernatural Items, like Dean Winchester’s bracelets, Sam’s Laptop Decals, mostly replica stuff.
About a year ago I dropped Austin, cause we haven’t lived there in 6 years.
Now almost 7 years later, I still sew, I also laser cut and engrave jewelry and design aprons and T-Shirts.

I am a fangirl, its that simple.

With my nest now empty and a new grand baby, I decided to try my hand at putting that passion to use. I am a self taught crocheter and also work with clay, paints, and pretty much whatever inspires me to create new and fun things.

I love handmade fandom treats and I hope that you will love mine. I started with my true love, Supernatural but have expanded my shop to include some of my other favorite things and hopefully yours!.

If you have any questions or special requests, please email me. I am happy to try new things!

Just a geeky chic who tries to spread love throughout the world.  I get great joy from making things that make people smile.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart…Helen Keller

Artist. Designer. Fangirl.  Just plain Nerd. 

I’m one of those “creatives.”  Easily distracted by shiny objects!  I want to know how to do all the things.  From paper-crafting to clay to bedazzling; I love mixed media projects that combine bits and techniques.  As a Mixed Media Artist, I play with paper, scissors and glue – both real and virtual.  Glass is now a big part of my creations.

There’s a wonderful line where art meets life… and I’m very fond of blurring that line!  After all, “I’m Happiest in My Altered State!”

You can find more of my work at